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RSDSA's mission is to provide support, education, and hope to everyone affected by CRPS/RSD while we drive research to develop better treatment and a cure.


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RSDSA is committed to encouraging research into the cause and cure of CRPS. Since 1992, RSDSA has funded $1,684,638 in fellowships and grants. During 2009-2012, we funded $488,251 in grants.

RSDSA Research Update

Final Progress Report: RSDSA and RSDHope Grant

Currently, RSDSA is funding three active research projects. In 2009, we commenced a 20-year study of CRPS's impact on the long-term health of people with CRPS. The study now in its third year has 898 participants and this patient registry will allow investigators and scientists to study CRPS by following a subset of people with CRPS over time.

In 2010, RSDSA funded its most expensive project ever, an $117,000 2-year multi-center European and United States study to define recovery, and the priorities for recovery, from the perspective of patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Peter Moskovitz, MD, chair of RSDSA's Board of Directors, recently attended a planning meeting in Bath, England and stated, "This face-to-face meeting of the investigators from across Europe and North America was an impressive success."

This May, The Board of Directors of RSDSA approved a $105,000 international study to develop a CRPS Severity Scale with respect to reliability, validity, and responsiveness to changes in disease course. This Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Severity Score (CSS) is designed to be "pragmatic" (meaning any physician anywhere can monitor severity without any special equipment). In addition to complementing the diagnostic classification of CRPS, the CSS can assist clinicians in monitoring the course of treatment and the impact of interventions over time, and holds the promise of serving as that critically needed outcome tool for research.


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Evidenced-based Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management of CRPS

Article archive of peer-reviewed medical articles on research, diagnosis and treatment of CRPS

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RSDSA exhibits at several major medical, health, and benefit insurer conferences.


Contributions, program fees, special events, and grant support from pharmaceutical and other companies, and private and corporate foundations.

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We have produced a DVD, "CRPS Therapies: Clinicians Share their Expertise that will instruct physical and occupational therapists how to restore function in people with CRPS. It will be accredited for continuing education credits. You can view the video on the RSDSA Home Page or visit YouTube and watch each segment of the video, What is CRPS, Restoring Function, Desensitization, Brain Retraining, Managing Flare-ups, and Brand Retaining.

Most importantly, we will continue on our mission to educate the community at large about CRPS through our publications, our website, and increased outreach efforts.

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