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Stories of Hope

From the RSDSA Review

Kori’s Story- Paying It Forward, by Beth Meadows

Spreading the Word, By Stefani Kronk

Supporting Role: CRPS Support Group Leader Awarded Hero of Hope
By Stefani Kronk

Giving Back

Giving Back
People from all over the country and the world responded to RSDSA’s
recent e-mail regarding volunteering with CRPS, and confirmed what I had
suspected: people with CRPS might experience physical limitations, but are
unlimited in their energy and desire to be part of the world. These responses
were as varied and unique as the paths of CRPS. Underlying each response
was the common need to interact, to be of assistance, and to put something or
someone ahead of their CRPS—even if only for a few moments. From the plethora of unique ideas, the possibilities seem endless! These testimonials are an excerpt from our upcoming brochure on giving back.

Our Basic Human Pleasures: Food, Sex and Giving
By Nicholas D. Kristof, The New York Times

Your Stories

Viki Anders

Reversing Chronic CRPS
By Roger G. Carlsen

Coping With Pain and no Longer Nursing
By Tara White

Don't Give Up
There is Hope for Chronic Pain Relief
By Carolyn Laraway

Living with CRPS
By Viki Anders

The Power of Hope—The Bond that Connects Us All
By Nicole Hemmenway

Battling CRPS with Hope, Faith, and Daily Determination
By Heather J. Davies, PhD

This Tough Cookie Isn't About to Crumble: One of the Faces of APF
Jannie White, Michigan Power Over Pain Action Network Leader

My Life With RSD
By Louise Plaster

Hope and Transformation—The Means to Recovery
By Kathleen

Campbell, M. Div
(Note: The link at the beginning of this section takes you to the abridged version of Ms. Campell's 36-page article; for a link to the entire article, click here.)

Training for Life
By Jane O'Laughlin

Truly Moved Beyond Words
By Tricia Scott

My Story
By Keven Mosley-Koehler

Hitting it Big in Las Vegas
By Keith Groller

Endless Struggle With a New Twist
By Idamarie Scimeca Duffy

Let the Healing Begin
By Tina Mohr

Getting Off of the Merry-Go-Round
By Barbara Schaffer

Remembering Rachel Tobias

RSD and Your Family

Suicide Stories

Suicide: Tips for Prevention
By Linda Lang

The Taboo of Suicide
By Linda Lang

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